Center Programs

Center Programs

1.Scientific Chairs

This program aims to contribute to the development of research fields in the KSA and abroad by creating opportunities for knowledge transfer between Saudi researchers and international scholars.  This funding is expected to help institutions attract exceptional scientists and researchers and to facilitate international collaborations in order to help institutions build their own human capacity and improve the quality of their research.  

2.Grants & Scholarships

MCKE grants are provided to support educational and research institutions and to offer scientists and departments the ability to initiate academic studies and scientific investigations programs that help improve our knowledge and promote information transfer to build human and institutional capacity. 


The endowments program aims in general to strengthen the financial capability of institutions in order to support their scientific and educational programs and to facilitate the transition to a knowledge based economy in the Kingdom.   Through these endowments, the center seeks to help institutions support scientific Chairs, fellowship programs and scholarships that help raise the capacity of students, graduates and researchers Saudis directly contribute to the support of scientific and educational institutions in the Kingdom and abroad materially.

4.Conferences & Scientific Meetings

The center aims through the support of conferences and workshops to promote the collaboration and the exchange of information between Saudi and their peers in the region and the world.  The center also hopes to encourage universities, research centers, scientific and professional associations to organize and host specialized conferences that contribute to upgrading the capabilities and knowledgebase of researchers and students in the Kingdom.