Programs: Grants & Scholarships

Programs: Grants & Scholarships

There are three types of grants:

1. Institutional Grants & Projects. 

2. Research Grants.

3. Scholarships

For a list of some of the funded institutions, click here.

Institutional Grants  

These grants provide institutions with resources to create programs, fund collaborations, improve administrative systems, and build facilities to help institutions increase their teaching and research capacity. To apply please download and fill out this form

Research Grants

We provide funding to individuals and teams of researchers in the Kingdom and abroad that support our goals. The following is a list of priority areas we are supporting at this time:

· Medical research and advanced health studies

· Research and Structural Studies 

· Research and techniques to protect the environment 

· Alternative energy technologies 

· Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials 

· Islamic & Middle East Studies

Submission period:


Applicants must:

-> be a members of the faculty of an accredited institution.

-> obtain institutional consent to apply for the funding.

-> have a proven record of research and expertise in his field. 


There is no upper limit for the amount that can be obtained, but you are expected to submit a detailed budget that is aligned with the tasks and goals of the project. 

Application Process:

1. Fill out the form for requesting Scientific Chair funding by clicking here.

2. Fill out the biographical sketch which can be found by clicking here.

3. Use the online request form in the "Apply" page and attach the documents as per the instruction on the online form.

4. We will contact you through e-mail to confirm receiving your application. We will also contact you if we are missing any part of your application.