Programs: Scientific Chairs

Programs: Scentific Chairs

This program aims to contribute to the development of research fields in KSA and abroad by creating opportunities for knowledge transfer between Saudi researchers and international scholars. This funding is expected to help institutions attract exceptional scientists and researchers, and facilitate international collaborations. The goal is to help institutions build their own human capacity and improve the quality of their research. For a list of some of the funded scientific chairs, click here.

Supported Fields:

In order to support the strategies of scientific research for Saudi Arabia, MCKE funding programs will give priority for research in the following fields:

        • Medical research and advanced health
        • Structural Research and Studies
        • Environmental Studies and Technologies
        • Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials

The chair is funded for a period ranging from four to five years and the amount of funding is determined based on the scope of the project. 

The Center encourages universities and scientific institutions to benefit from the support of scientific chairs:

  • To build and increase Saudi scientists and students to capacity to become leaders in the various fields of scientific research.
  • To attract and hire a research professor with a proven record of accomplishment and success in their respective fields and a willingness to share their teaching and research expertise to help build capacity at their host institutions.
  • To establish local and global partnerships to help improve the skills of Saudi researchers and students and to engage them in various activities to help develop their skills and expertise in various fields.
  • To ensure that research is focused on solving societal problems.

Geographical area:

MCKE focuses on supporting the scientific and educational institutions in Saudi Arabia in addition to supporting global institutions that study health and specialize in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies.

Application Process:

You can submit a request to fund a scientific chair at any time. These requests are reviewed in a timely manner, but the final decision usually takes place during one of the Board of Directors’ meetings that occur quarterly based on the recommendation of the Scientific Review Committee.

Steps to provide support request:

1. Download the form for requesting Scientific Chair funding by clicking here .
2. Download the biographical sketch which can be found by clicking here .
3. Use the online registration page and attach the documents as per the instruction on the online form.
4. We will contact you through e-mail to confirm receiving your application or to let you know if we need more information from you.