About AlMuallem

About AlMuallem

AlMuallem Mohamed Awad BinLadin was born in the province of Hadramout, Yemen in 1326 AH corresponding to 1907 A.D. From a young age, AlMuallem admired his father’s work in the field of construction and wished to follow in his footsteps.  As a boy, he yearned for a future in which machines replace human labor in performing much of the heavy constructional work. 

In his youth, Mohamed BinLadin had the opportunity to travel to the coastal city of Aden and then to Ethiopia.  During his trip, he learned to become independent and successfully gained the trust and respect of others. . Upon his return from Ethiopia, AlMuallem decided to launch his career  in the land of the Two Holy Mosques which was then reunified by King Abdul Aziz (may he rest in peace), who had become well known for his rule and justice.

AlMuallem arrived at the port city of Jeddah, to start a new chapter of his life.  He worked hard with his brother Abdullah in the construction industry, saving enough money to venture into the private contracting field.

In the beginning, AlMuallem worked on a variety of small projects, as his reputation grew, so did his business.  He relied on engineers recruited from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to meet the demands of his national projects, and benefited from their knowledge and expertise. As a result, he was awarded huge national projects, the first of which was the expansion of the Prophet's Mosque, which represented a cornerstone in his successful new business.

AlMuallem showed sincerity and dedication to work, and diligence in the execution. He became the man for the challenging tasks, and gained the respect of the Custodians of the two Holy Mosques.  His projects expanded beyond the borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to reach a number of Arab countries.  The projects there were both significant and large in size including the renovations of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.  His other projects included converting the path of the tributary of the Jordan River in Syria, and building the Sharjah-through Ras Al Khaimah highway. 

Charity was also close to his heart; AlMuallem Mohammed BinLadin was keen on giving and taking care of those in need. He was also a supporter of education; he contributed to the building of schools and was one of the founders and constant supporters of the Quran Education Group. 

After his death (may he rest in peace) on the twenty-eighth of Jumad Awal 1387 A.H, corresponding to the third of September 1967 A.D, his eldest son Salim,  took over the responsibilities of running the company. Under Salim’s leadership, the company continued to grow branching out to numerous parts of the world. .   Salim formed the Saudi BinLadin Group as an entity, under which all BinLadin companies were merged, to face the challenges of the future and prepare for a leading role in the local and international arena.

AlMuallem Mohamed Awad BinLadin overcame many struggles, living his life with a strong work ethic and commitment. He distinguished himself as a master of his profession and remained devoted to his religion and country  

Today, Sheik Bakr Mohamed BinLadin and his family continue to build their business, which has become a global name for excellence in the construction business.