Training program sponsored by MCKE for Jazan University's female students

Twenty female students from Jazan University’s (JU) College of Design and Architecture headed to Cairo in August, 2015 to attend a training program sponsored by MCKE and provided by the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. The Prince’s school is one of MCKE partners, and has been active in providing trainings and traditional art education for students from universities in the KSA. The attendees and the supervising officials from JU praised the program and reflected on the important elements within it. As a result, a committee from the college has worked to integrate some of the modules into the current teachings and programs provided at Jazan University. 


This initiative and all similar ones reflect the Saudi Binladin Group’s efforts to support local educational institutions and to provide specialized trainings to improve the skills of Saudi citizens in the country. 


Different workshops from the training









College dean Dr. Saleh Al-Turki (Right) and MCKE CEO Dr. Tarik Hamdi (Left)